Darkan Sheepfest: Saturday 11 February 2023

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Poster showing wool handler carrying merino fleece and the words Act Belong Commit DARKAN SHEEPFEST Putting Wool Back on the Table.

Saturday 11 Feb 23

Why You Need to Be a Part of Darkan Sheepfest 2023

  • It’s that time of year again! Time to start talking about Darkan Sheepfest! This year it’s all about ‘Putting Wool Back on the Table.’ Please help us spread the word by sharing this post. A vital driving force of the wool industry are the ones working everyday in our shearing sheds. Shearers, wool handlers and …

  • We love the work of the Farm Weekly and love that they love Sheepfest! Wool will be a focus of the 2023 Act Belong Commit Darkan Sheepfest, starting with the shearing and wool handling competitions, the merino ewe hogget competition, blade shearing demo, and pet sheep competition; and there will be woollen clothing on display …


Darkan Sheepfest has proudly chosen to support Rural Aid as our 2023 Mental Health Organisation.

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Welcome to Darkan Sheepfest.

Act Belong Commit Darkan Sheepfest will be held on Saturday 11th February 2023.  The focus of the show this year is to put ‘WOOL – Back on the Table’.  Continuing the conversation about this fabulous natural fibre that is at the forefront of our local agricultural industry.  The show will be seeking support by asking you to work with, wear, and help others to learn more about wool.

In the past five years, the community of Darkan and visitors to the town have enjoyed a resurgence of the agricultural show after a 60-year absence. The idea of Sheepfest was to pay tribute to the sheep and wool industry that the town has been built on.   

The show continues to be a back-to-basics show.  There are no fancy rides or show bags, and no expensive admission costs; just a fun day out for the whole family to enjoy! 

Act Belong Commit Darkan Sheepfest highlights what communities can do when they work together, volunteer, and shine a light on what makes living in the country so great. 

photo of little girl with face paint wearing a shearer's singlet and a cowboy hat
Kids have fun at Darkan Sheepfest!

Darkan lies in the heart of the Shire of West Arthur and has a long and proud history of producing fine wool, tasty meat and excellent breeding stock.

Darkan Sheepfest is an event that showcases our community: to compete for shearing glory, to present fine sheep flocks for judging, to share fun and laughter with children, to explore fashion, food and markets.

But most of all it provides an opportunity for city and country people to come together and enjoy a good old country show.

Best of all it is only a gold coin donation on entry!